The Aiki-Institute


provides ways of exercises

  • to integrate body, soul and mind, self and world;

  • to develop and embody animacy, soulfulness and awareness.


The syllables AI and KI are (like our ways of exercises) of Japanese origin and mean
AI = harmony, encounter

KI = life-energy

At our institute, the ways of exercise to promote health and self-development are:

  • Aikidô                 A Japanese art of movement and peace making

  • Aiki Method         Aiki-Indo (Japanese qi-gong) and Aiki-Zen (meditation)


AIKIDÔ is a creative synthesis of somatic spirituality and peace making. It conveys principles

  • to make contact constructively and to regulate conflicts adequately

  • to maintain awareness and present-centerednesse in the midst of dynamic motion and conflictual interactions

  • to realize a peaceful, non-violent mental attitude in conflictual situations.


AIKI-INDO is Japanese Qi-Gong

  • a way to “extend and guide” (Japanese Indo) our life-energy adequately

  • a “path of transparency” of body, soul and mind

  • a method to support our organismic self-regulation

  • a path to develop our body-consciousness

by breath work, structural body work and stretching of the meridians (energy channels).



  • inner, silent Qi-Gong to regulate the physiological, emotional and mental states and to center within oneself

  • meditation: Sitting motionless in concentration and silence to empty our mind from unnecessary thoughts, intentions and ideas.


AIKI-KEN is a Japanese sword practice

The warrior and the sword are archetypal motifs and symbols found worldwide in all cultures. They stand for the courage to face the divergences and conflicts, the outer and inner demands and conflicts of life and to find the necessary support within yourself. In Aiki-KEN we can discover and develop these qualities. Practice is not understood in a performance-oriented sense. The concern is not just a certain skill, but above all a certain state of mind.



Dipl.-Psych. Winfried Wagner is the founder and chair of the Aiki-Institute. He is a psychotherapist (Initiatic Gestalt-Therapy,, and a Qi-Gong and an Aikidô teacher (8th Dan black belt). He has 50 years of continuous practice in Aikidô, meditation and Qi-Gong (among others, teachers were Karlfried Graf of Dürckheim, Ram Dass, Zhi-Chang Li, Asai Sensei). Winfried is trained in various somatic and awareness-oriented procedures. He developed a life-energetic methodology, which fits to the Western mentality - the AIKI Method. This work is based on the spiritual qualities and the essence of our lives.