The Aiki-Institute


provides ways of exercises

  • to integrate body, soul and mind, self and world;

  • to develop and embody animacy, soulfulness and awareness.


The syllables AI and KI are (like our ways of exercises) of Japanese origin and mean
AI = harmony, encounter

KI = life-energy

At our institute, the ways of exercise to promote health and self-development are:

  • Aikidô                 A Japanese art of movement and peace making

  • Aiki Method         Aiki-Indo (Japanese qi-gong) and Aiki-Zen (meditation)


AIKIDÔ is a creative synthesis of somatic spirituality and peace making. It conveys principles

  • to make contact constructively and to regulate conflicts adequately

  • to maintain awareness and present-centerednesse in the midst of dynamic motion and conflictual interactions

  • to realize a peaceful, non-violent mental attitude in conflictual situations.


AIKI-INDO is Japanese Qi-Gong

  • a way to “extend and guide” (Japanese Indo) our life-energy adequately

  • a “path of transparency” of body, soul and mind

  • a method to support our organismic self-regulation

  • a path to develop our body-consciousness

by breath work, structural body work and stretching of the meridians (energy channels).



  • inner, silent Qi-Gong to regulate the physiological, emotional and mental states and to center within oneself

  • meditation: Sitting motionless in concentration and silence to empty our mind from unnecessary thoughts, intentions and ideas.


Dipl.-Psych. Winfried Wagner is the founder and chair of the Aiki-Institute. He is a psychotherapist (Initiatic Gestalt-Therapy,, and a Qi-Gong and an Aikidô teacher (8th Dan black belt). He has 50 years of continuous practice in Aikidô, meditation and Qi-Gong (among others, teachers were Karlfried Graf of Dürckheim, Ram Dass, Zhi-Chang Li, Asai Sensei). Winfried is trained in various somatic and awareness-oriented procedures. He developed a life-energetic methodology, which fits to the Western mentality - the AIKI Method. This work is based on the spiritual qualities and the essence of our lives.